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Kristi Chandler

Kristi was Radar's Mom.


Affectionately known to her friends as "Cookie", she was born in Texas but spent her formative years in Central and Southwest Florida. She has resided in Savannah since 2016. A graduate of Riverdale High School, Kristi furthered her education and obtained degree's from both Florida State and Barry Universities.  

While working as a supervisor of a 911 Communications Center, Kristi met Radar for the first time.  Radar was saved from a dog fighting ring where he was being used as a bait dog.  With three dogs already at home, at first, Kristi was unwilling to take on another,  but once she saw "Charlie" she couldn't refuse him.  "Charlie's" ears would perk up whenever he heard her voice, standing up like a radar searching for a signal.  So "Charlie" became Radar and the two were inseparable for almost 10 years.


Radar brought joy to Kristi's life.  He passed in 2019 after a prolonged illness, but just before he did Kristi had a chance encounter with James Dean, illustrator and author of the Pete the Cat series.  This amazing inspiration provided the push needed for Kristi and local author Kevin Grogan to collaborate on an idea she had been sitting on, and Rescue Radar was born!


Kevin Grogan

Kevin was Radar's best buddy.

Kevin was raised in Windsor, CT and is the youngest of five children.  He graduated Windsor High School and went on to attend The New Hampton School in New Hampton, New Hampshire for Post Graduate Studies.  He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from Westfield State College in Massachusetts.  He is a father, a United States Army Veteran & served 16 years in Law Enforcement. 


Kevin is the author of Black Sheep White Cop: Savannah EXPOsed, his memoir of time spent with an elite police unit and his experience during his own trial in Savannah, Georgia.  This foray into his creative side has brought a great deal to the Rescue Radar book series.  He is the illustrator, and has an amazing knack for bringing all the wonderful characters to life!

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