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The Case of the Colorful Friends

Radar and a host of friends introduce early learners to basic colors.  Join them for a simple and joyful journey, meeting fun friends along the way.

The Case of the Counted Characters

Rescue Radar teaches counting 1 through 10.  Reunite with the characters from The Case of the Colorful Friends and learn your numbers.

Case of the Crossing Lion 

Rescue Radar visits City Market to see the circus that has come to town.  Leon the Lion, the star attraction, is checking out a lion statue in front of the Savannah Cotton Exchange.  When he heads back to the circus, he doesn't obey the crossing signs.  A loud HONK! is heard, Radar rushes into RESCUE mode helping Leon find his way back across the street safely.

Case of the Tybee Toys 

Rescue Radar enjoys a day on the beautiful beach of Tybee Island.  When the tide comes in and sweeps away some left behind toys, he hears the cries of some young beach goers.  Rushing into RESCUE mode he helps his friends act as a team and learn the lesson of working together.

Case of the Silly Squirrels 

Rescue Radar and Maybellene are enjoying a snack at Grayson Stadium.  When they hear an "OUCH", Radar rushes into RESCUE mode to see what is happening.  He discovers an accident that could have been prevented and teaches the lesson of always wearing the proper safety equipment!!

Case of the Playground Bully

Radar is on patrol near beautiful Forsyth Park when he hears Cali-Kitten cry for help.  Cali -Kitten has been pushed off the merry-go-round by a bully, Rascal Raccoon.  RADAR TO THE RESCUE!  Rescue Radar helps Cali-Kitten and shows Rascal Raccoon that sharing can be more fun!

Case of the Wandering Bird

Rescue Radar is on patrol in Greene Square when he hears a big POP!!!  Radar investigates and finds Robbie Red Bird lost and scared. Maybellene and Radar help Robbie find his way home, teaching the lesson of memorizing your address and phone number-and not wandering off!

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